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Private POLATLI CAN Hospital

Polatlı's first and only private hospital having friendly staff is at your service. Seeing our patients as part of the CAN (pronounces Jan) family gives us the responsibility to create a sincere, reliable and solution-oriented environment.

Our equipment

There are 26 specialist doctors and 4 general practitioners working in 33 hospital beds, 3 of which are intensive care units and 2 of them are newborns.


Approximately 7500 operations are performed annually in 3 operating rooms.

Qualified Doctors

Outpatient services are provided to an average of 200,000 patients per year. In our inpatient wards, approximately 6000 patients received inpatient treatment.

Emergency Services

In the Emergency Department, a patient coordinator and security guard work 24 hours a day, helping to provide the service in an easy and reliable environment.

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Private Polatlı Can Hospital provides you with the rights described below. Health professionals and other employees are aware of your rights and offer you respectful service.


1) General use of the service
Race, language, religion and sect, gender, philosophical belief are the right to receive services regardless of their economic and social situations.

2) Information and requesting information
Patients have the right to learn all kinds of services and facilities and to request any information verbally or in writing about their health status.

3) Privacy
It has the right to receive all kinds of health services in a confidential environment.

4) Rejection, stop and consent
He has the right to refuse treatment, to request his cessation, to obtain his consent in medical intervention and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

5) Selecting and changing health care facilities and staff
The right to choose, change the health institution within the scope of the possibilities and to benefit from the health service provided in the health facility chosen, and to give the health service physicians and other health care workers have the right to learn their identities, duties and titles.

6) Security
It has the right to receive health services in a safe environment.

7) To be able to perform religious duties
The health facility has the right to fulfill its religious obligations in line with the means and measures taken by the administration.

8) Respect for human values
It has the right to receive a health care service with all the hygienic conditions and all the noisy and disturbing factors in a friendly, kind and compassionate environment with respect, care and respect.

9) Visiting and having companions
In accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the health facilities, it is entitled to accept visitors in accordance with the legislation and health facilities and to have a companion, if the physician deems appropriate.

10) Application. The right to complain and litigation
In case of infringement of rights, all kinds of applications within the framework of the legislation has the right to use the right to complain and litigation.