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Polatlı’s first and only private hospital having  friendly staff is at your service. Seeing our patients as part of the CAN (pronounces Jan)  family gives us the responsibility to create a sincere, reliable and solution-oriented environment.

There are 26 specialist doctors and 4 general practitioners in our 33-bed hospital, 3 of which are in Intensive Care Unit and 2 are in Newborn. Approximately 7500 operations are performed annually in 3 operating rooms. Outpatient services are provided to an average of 200,000 patients per year. In our inpatient wards, approximately 6000 patients received inpatient treatment.

We are one step away from our patients with our ozone therapy, pain treatment (algology) center, four-dimensional ultrasound and check up scans.

Both inpatient and outpatient satisfaction rates are meticulously investigated on a monthly basis. Experienced and proven physicians preferred by our people were brought together under the roof of CAN Hospital. Due to the use of the latest technology and modern techniques in our hospital, our referral rates are quite low. Employees of our hospital are expected to receive in-service training to increase their awareness on personal, professional development and human communication. Patient rights and safety are our top priorities. Because it is important for us that our patients feel in safe hands.

Our aim is to provide our patients with a reliable examination and successful physicians as soon as possible to find solutions to the problems of our patients and to ensure that they leave our hospital in a healthy and happy way.

Our hospital is a young and dynamic hospital with a strong management team experienced in their fields. Our hospital is a dynamic hospital with a creative brain team, constantly developing, closely following technology, solution-oriented, not content with what is in hand, targeting the best, not the ordinary, and advancing with safe steps for the future.